Phuket, Thailand in Pictures!

July of 2014, is when we decided to take a short break from our respective work and take a trip to the closest international beach destination from India, one that is visually beautiful, clean, kids friendly and good for shopping;-)…between Ko Samui, Krabi & Phuket, we decided to head to Phuket..not sure why, I was leaning more towards Ko Samui though, but so glad we Phuket! 2 days in Bangkok and 5 days in Phuket was what our itinerary broadly looked like. Two days in Bangkok cuz that’s how many days it takes me to shop! Here’s the thing about Thailand, apart from being the land of Buddha and awesomely delicious finger licking to-die-for Thai food, it is also the Best-cheap-shopping-I-have-ever-done land! It hosts a good mix of high-end designer malls and flea markets. On my list were Asiatique mall & Chatuchak market (world’s biggest export/flea market). After spending my entire month’s salary in these two markets, we headed to Phuket. We were booked in J.W. Marriott. Paradise in Paradise! If you are planning a trip to Phuket with kids, look nowhere, this is the place hands down!


J.W. Marriot, Phuket- Undoubtedly the Best Resort with the Best Pool Area


Resort’s Pool- is a destination in itself! Day1 & 2 spent in the resort!


Hotel’s Lobby right at the entrance


Towel artwork in every room everyday!


Pool shenanigans!


Day 3 -On our way to Phang Na Bay also called James Bond Island


Cruising in style!



Somewhere in the middle of nowhere!!



Aaaah so beautiful!!


Fun begins!


Rock formations!


Beautiful place!


Tree with a character!


View from inside the cave!


Day 4- Hired a scooty to ride till Big Buddha and explore around! What fun!


Day 4- Big Buddha!


Happiness is contagious!


View from the top of Big Buddha!


Day 2-5. Beach fun (various beaches)


Day 5-Kata Beach


Kata Beach- the place changes color quickly!

Buddha Temple, James Bond Island, Dino park, Beach fun in 5 days….it was one power packed holiday!!

Thailand continues to be one of my favorite destinations. Next stop hopefully Ko Samui soon:-)

Keep traveling keep exploring!!





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