About Rupali Gupta


This is NOT a travel blog but a chronicle of my imperturbable attempt to discover life and myself through my wanderings. I am a typical military brat, brought up on military bases all over the Indian Sub-Continent, exposed to its diverse cultures, languages and geographical terrains (we have the lofty Himalayas, parched deserts, plateaus teeming with flora and fauna, flat fertile plains with winding rivers, coastal backwaters, swamps with its Shreks…. you name it …..We have it),

I am an adrenaline junkie, an uninhibited soul though motherhood has sobered me a few notches down. But the incorrigible me still loves to indulge in anything and everything that reeks of adventure and hate the term ‘Bucket List’!! My take on this is – When our planet offers endless possibilities and sky’s the limit, then why restrict to a mere ‘bucket’! The travel bug has taken me to seven different countries across four continents so far, which by all means is just the humble beginning. Through my writings and pictures I endeavour to discern this vista called life along with you …this is where I bare my heart out…. this is where I hope to find souls that resonate with mine. Thank you for stopping by… a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.

Welcome aboard!!